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COMPASS - A Traveling Series, Creating with Community

This past Solstice, we had the wonderful opportunity to create some new works, styled alongside key pieces from the archive, in a series of runway shows and photo shoots created with independent artists in our birth country. It was an immense honour to collaborate with many models, photographers and creatives from various backgrounds and points in their migration, pieces created in Wurundjeri Country and embodied in Chumash, Tongva and Kizh lands (also known as Los Angeles) to Lenapehoking (New York), a curatorial collaboration series was inspired by our multi cultural heritage of migratory and indigenous peoples who inform our work. 

This featured series was created in collaboration with Lenapehoking based creatives, photographer Cassandra Williams and models Azza Alshaer and Jay Cruz, photographed in East Williamsburg photo studio, Nula Studios, and we are so honoured to share these images with you.

Additional Collaborations from our Travels (follow us @remusedesigns on instagram + facebook for full credits and sneak peaks):

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