Drop 1 | Pre Solstice Morfogênese | Online tonight at Sunset (8:12:00PM AEST)

The collection entitled "Morfogênese" will explore shapes and forms in nature. The principles of our design lines, cuts, and shapes have been inspired by biomimicry, natural curvature and shapes in nature from the very beginnings of our label, and thus this collection will serve as a revival collection featuring our most popular archival styles alongside new pieces that best elucidate this inspiration. Entering our second year of a pandemic run world, we are keen to explore how both freedom and structure can be harnessed from within our own bodies and through the endless possibilities of the natural creative processes that occur all around us in our natural world. The aim of the collection is to highlight the creative power of nature's shapeshifting process as inspiration and hope for how we can harness these principles to manifest hopeful and constructive new realities within our own lives. We aim for all those who adorn this new collection to feel powerful, inspired and conscious creators of their world in the midst of structures and rules meant to help us navigate this new reality we share as a global community.

Model: Fjorn Bastos / Papaphilia @papaphilia_fj
Photographer: Jess Tobin @jesss.tobin @intitular.creative 
Hair Artist: Banan Mahmoud @ba__nan
Makeup Artist: Yasmin Saad @yes_fx
Jewelry Designer: Fern Martin @aeonandfern 
Presented as part of the Melbourne Fashion Week 2021 Aquarium Runway 

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