Hello 2021 / Aphelion Drop | VIAGEM pt. 2

Second Drop // VIAGEM – In conjunction with this month’s Aphelion we present to you VIAGEM release II. Turmeric, indigo and slate dye natural fibres – Tencel, Linen, and recycled Cottons-  in cuts inspired by Solar halo curvature, refraction and movements of nature. Now online.

A Note about Turmeric

Turmeric, a root whose dyeing property derives from curcumin, is a fugitive dye requiring gentle hand washing with pH neutral soap, and drip dry / storage in shade.

As turmeric is traditionally redyed per year, we are now offering special redyeing services for your REMUSE piece. As a way of extending the life of your piece, and developing a more circular approach in keeping with the original practices around the rooe, get in touch for our redyeing rates, options and methodology.

Each Solstice, and Solar Return, offers us yet another opportunity to explore our methods in favour of a gentler impact on our healing Earth.

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