Equinox V Vênus

Vênus, the Portuguese translation of the well-known Roman goddess, emblem of femininity and apt archetype for women's history month, is also our planet's closest neighbour, and the hottest planet in the solar system, inhospitable to most conscious life forms known to our world. Vênus explores through a showcase of ethical fashion, ancestral performance and visuals, how we must be mindful not to contribute to the continued heating of our atmosphere. Vênus remains an inspiring archetype but also a stoic reminder to nurture our planet so it remains a gentle environment for all of us.

Presented as part of the VAMFF Independent Runway calendar, Equinox V Vênus is an immersive fashion performance installation and performance of local artists, who will all work together to create a world of wonder, intrigue and warning, interrogating our current relationship with our planet, Earth.

Campaign Credits:

Photography | Anthony Tosello

Model | Jazia Coppedge

MUA | Dana Leviston

Assistant | b2bconcepts

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