Artisan fashion label REMUSE and their collaborators return with a production exploring how the answers to waste colonialism can be found through biomimicry and reverence for the Funghi kingdom. Held at RE/Space, the fourth floor installation space of innovative architectural project BETA by Sth Bnk, created entirely from found and waste materials, audiences will be  immersed into a world that bears reverence to nature’s first recyclers – mushrooms, through the continuation of a series designed to ignite all senses through recycled fashion, recycled installation, decolonised beauty, and circular design, created from inhouse and community sourced textile scraps and both food waste, low impact and plant-based dyes. 

Through textile, sonic, and projection biomimicry of the mushroom kingdom, we aim to submerge a select live audience into the world of fungi and how the answers to waste colonialism may come from our mycelial companions.

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