EQ A U R A, a collection we created and photographed during the time of the Equinox, came to us in a dream – a collection using the soft color palette of natural and low impact dyes and natural, cellulose fibers to explore the dynamic range of pastel hues from terrifying to beautiful. It was originally inspired after viewing Natalie Portman starring film, Annihilation, a visually arresting film about a being from another planet who became lost in ours and begins to morph the energies and genetic makeup of all life forms in its ever-expanding prism. All life within the prism would then become hybrids of its neighbor in a cosmic fusion of new forms. We have not released this collection for a month because the state of the world and the current genocides we are still bearing witness to without end has left us speechless. In that we hope that this offering in the midst of platforming effective and genuine activism in our community will contribute a sartorial and textile story of truth and beauty amongst the immense horrors of our reality. We conceived this collection around the time of the Equinox weeks ago to find ourselves in a reality where truth is stranger than fiction. A U R A is a subtle offering to explore within the landscape of sustainable and circular living and how we can continue to be mindful of how we contribute with our energies and resources – and our silences - in the prism of impact changing our communities and our planet.

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